AccuLynx (via Zapier)


Zapier Plan Required

Get our Zapier template to connect AccuLynx and SumoQuote here.

Using this AccuLynx Zapier template will require a Zapier plan at the Starter level or above.

Using Zapier, you can automatically push projects that have reached a certain milestone in AccuLynx into SumoQuote, speeding up your process by skipping the double-entry.

Video Setup Guide

Creating a SumoQuote API Key

  1. In SumoQuote go to Configuration > Account Settings
  2. At the bottom-left of the screen, click API.
  3. Create a new API key by clicking Add Key.
  4. Give the API key any name, such as AccuLynx Zap
  5. Copy the API key you created for use in Zapier.

Setting up the Zap

  1. Log in to Zapier with an account at the Starter level or above.
  2. Get our AccuLynx Zapier template here and click Try this Zap
  3. Log in to your AccuLynx account and click next.
  4. Select which of milestones you'd like to use as a trigger to push projects into SumoQuote. We recommend you use the Prospect milestone. Click next to proceed.
  5. Under Method leave the default POST selected and click next to proceed.
  6. Under "Select the fields you want to edit in Webhooks by Zapier" leave the defaults settings unchanged. Click next to proceed.
  7. Under "Map fields from AccuLynx into Webhooks by Zapier" paste the SumoQuote API key you copied earlier into the field to the right of "sq-api-key". The other values on this screen should be left unchanged. Click next to proceed.
  8. Under "Let's test out this Zap" click Send test. Click next to proceed.
  9. Under "Review and turn on your Zap" click Turn on Zap


You're Done!

Zapier is now set up to automatically push projects that reach a designated Milestone from AccuLynx into SumoQuote.

Check Your Work

Here are the correct fields and how they should appear in Zapier. Be sure that this Webhook URL is being used:


Grandfathered Light Plan

The AccuLynx Zapier template requires the use of SumoQuote's API. To access this functionality a heavy plan is required.