Invoicing Overview


Get the Quote Signed First

Invoices pull information from your signed quotes to make invoice creation quick and easy. Make sure you have a signed quote in your project first.

Creating an Invoice

  1. Click Create Invoice on a signed quote within a project.
  2. Edit the details of the invoice.
    1. Set a date for the invoice.
    2. Set a payment due date.
    3. Edit line items pulled from your quote as required.
    4. Add any discounts or markups as required.
  3. At the top of the page, click Preview Invoice and choose one of the following:
    • Email the invoice directly to a customer by clicking Send Invoice.
    • Download the invoice as a PDF.

Editing Your Invoice Layouts

Editing the invoice defaults of a layout allows you to use preset terms and notes in your invoices.

  1. In the Configuration dropdown, click Account Settings.
  2. In the Reports under Layouts, click the pencil icon on the Layout you wish to edit.
  3. In the bottom left panel, click Invoice Defaults.
  4. Enter your preset invoice terms and notes.
  5. Click Publish.


Got Quickbooks?

SumoQuote's Quickbooks Online integration gives your business far more control of your invoicing process. Learn more about how it works here.