Solar Financing

Adding Solar Financing Options

Solar projects require solar financing options. SumoQuote allows you to add both home improvement plans for roofing projects and solar plans for solar roofing projects. These plans are both found under our financing options.

How to Add a Solar Financing Option

  1. Go to Configuration > Account Settings > Financing
  2. Under your Custom Financing Library you will Add Provider or select the pencil icon beside one of your existing financing providers to add a solar plan.
  3. When you are in your Provider Details you can select between the "Home Improvement Plans" tab or the Solar Plans tab. Add as many plans as required under the correct plan type.
  4. Once you have updated and added your financing plans, scroll to the top of the page and Publish your edits. Your new financing options are now available to be used in your reports.

Enabling Financing in a Report

  1. Open a project and select a report to Open for Editing.
  2. Go to Report Settings in the top right corner.
  3. Under Financing Options toggle the Financing Enabled switch on and select the appropriate financing option.
  4. Save your changes.
  5. To change your plan, navigate to the Quote Details page and select a new plan under Financing.