Onboarding Content

When you first open your SumoQuote account, you will have the opportunity to select a variety of sample materials that will help get you started. These include some starter marketing materials, price list items, sample layouts and templates, and sample projects.

Loading Onboarding Content into SumoQuote

This video walks you through what happens on your first login to your SumoQuote account whether your are on a trial or are a new subscriber.

Load Onboarding Content into your Account

  1. Sign into your SumoQuote account for the first time.
  2. Click Get Started.
  3. Add your company logo, assign your company colors, and add your company information. Click on the pencil icon beside We can help you with to customize this text.
    Neither your primary nor secondary colors should be white. Some report types use white text and this will be lost when applied to a white background.
  4. Click See my brand.
  5. Choose a Report Style and view what it looks like with your logo and colors. When you are satisfied with your selection, click on Confirm.
  6. Select which content you would like added to your account. Select as many or as few as you want. Click Finish to finalize your choices.
  7. Click Let's Go! to load your content.

Contact Support at [email protected] or 509-213-0118 if you require additional assistance or need to re-run the onboarding content