Solar Financial Analysis Pages

Financial Analysis Pages

This video reviews the new Financial Analysis pages that are specific to Solar projects. You will be shown how to set the pages up and given an explanation of how that information is presented in PDF form to your customer.

How to Edit your Financial Analysis Page

  1. Open a solar project.
  2. Open a solar report for editing.
  3. Navigate to the Financial Analysis tab under Pages.
  4. Select whether this report will be financed or cash from the Payment Type dropdown menu.
  5. Enter the Price per watt that you charge:
    1. In a financed report, you will have the option to select your Solar financing plan, and your energy savings and financing will be automatically be calculated.
    2. In a cash report, your energy savings and system cost will be automatically calculated.
  6. Add any notes for your homeowner to review. You can change the heading by clicking on the edit pencil icon beside Notes.
  7. Scroll to the top of the page and click on View Page in the top right corner to review how your data will be shown to your customer.


For an explanation of what your homeowner will see in their Report:

  • Financed Report Explanation - watch 1:23-3:05 in the above video.
  • Cash Report Explanation - watch 3:30-4:27 in the above video.