Level 2 - Add Your Pricing

Set Up in 2-4 Hours

"I have a price list for my business and I want to use that pricing in my quotes and invoices."

Level 2 takes advantage of SumoQuote's estimating features to get your quotes aligned with production & accounting, and will get you set up for accurate pricing and profitability. Level 2 is great for business that want a detailed pricelist inside of SumoQuote. For an overview of what's included at level 2, click here.

Video Walkthrough

Setup Checklist

For more information on topics in the walkthrough video, visit the linked guides.

  1. Set company branding. (0:39 in video)
  2. Set up Price List (2:08 in video)
  3. Set up Templates (3:06 in video)
  4. Set up Layouts (12:42 in video)
  5. Creating your first quote. (22:05 in video)

Optional Items

  1. Set up layouts for Material & Work Orders
  2. Set up any Integrations you use. (1:45 in video)
  3. Set up Margin Slider
  4. Set up Taxes


You're Done

Level 2 setup is now complete. Start creating your quotes in SumoQuote, or go even faster by completing Level 3 Setup.

Still Having Trouble?

Still having issues with getting your account set up? Book a one-on-one video call with your Customer Success Manager by contacting [email protected] or phoning 509-213-0118.