QuickBooks Online


Heavy Plan Required

Our QuickBooks Online integration is available on Heavy plans and above. We also recommend that you have your account set up to at least Level 2.

When you integrate SumoQuote with Quickbooks Online, no data will automatically transfer. All signed reports can be exported to Quickbooks Online individually to control the flow of your financial data. As the QuickBooks integration is more complex than our other integrations, we recommend watching the video guides below to learn how to use the integration.

Video Guides

Part 1 - Getting Started

This video covers getting Quickbooks Online connected to your SumoQuote account and basic use of the integration's functionality.

Part 2 - Problem Solving

This video covers issues you may run into when exporting to Quickbooks Online, why these issues occur, and how to solve them.

Part 3 - Using & Exporting For Accountants

This video covers preparing quotes for export into Quickbooks and managing exported quotes within Quickbooks Online.

Part 4: Assigning Products and Services to the Correct Income/Expense Account

This video covers how to change the default expense or income accounts from SumoQuote's defaults to your company's existing expense and income accounts.