Adding PDFs

You can upload PDFs permanently to SumoQuote so they are easily accessible to you and your team for any report or layout!

Adding PDFs to Your Library

Add a PDF to your Library

  1. Go to Configuration > Account Settings > PDFs
  2. Select where you want to upload your PDFs:
    1. My PDFs will allow only you access to the PDFs uploaded.
    2. Shared PDFs will allow your whole team access to the PDFs uploaded.
  3. Click on the box that says Drop a file here or click to choose from your computer.
    1. Browse your computer for the PDF file you wish to upload and click Open.
    2. You can also drag-and-drop any PDF from your computer directly into the box to upload.
  4. The PDF uploads as a thumbnail image.
    1. Select the image and right click to Delete.

Organize your PDF Library

  1. Go to Configuration > Account Settings > PDFs
  2. Select either My PDFs or Shared PDFs to start organizing.
  3. Click Add new folder under the drop a file box.
  4. Give your new folder a name.
  5. There are 2 ways to add PDFs to a folder:
    1. Double click on the folder to open it and then use the Drop a File here box to upload PDFs directly into the folder.
    2. Click on a PDF and drag and drop it into the correct folder.


Once uploaded, files cannot be moved between "My PDFs" and "Shared PDFs."

If you upload a file to the wrong location, you will need to upload it again into the correct location.