Authorization Templates

Editing Your Authorization Page:

  1. Open any quote on your Projects page. Ensure there is a quote present within the report.
  2. Click Open for editing.
  3. Click on the Authorization page on the left.
  4. In the Upgrades section click Add item and enter any upgrades you would like to offer.
    1. Each line item will have a small chain link icon in the bottom-right corner indicating this is linked to a price list item.
    2. These price list items have already been updated in your price list.


Offering optional upgrades is a great way to increase your total sale price!

As a best practice, offer a minimum of three (3) upgrades, maximum of five(5).

  1. In the product section, you have the ability to add up to three (3) fields for your customer to complete at signing.
  2. For example, you may want to have them indicate Roof Color, Metal Color, Siding color/profile, so that you can order materials once the quote is executed.
  3. Enter those in the fields on the left.
  1. Enter any footer notes you would like visible on the signing page.
  2. Once you have completed your Authorization template click "save template" found at the bottom of the screen.