Upload Product List

You can download your SumoQuote Product List to an Excel file, make edits and upload those edits back into SumoQuote. This makes importing prices from suppliers faster and easier because you can copy their products into our excel template without having to manually enter each item into SumoQuote individually.


Only the Product List is downloaded as an Excel file.

Changes made to prices on individual price lists must be completed within SumoQuote. Check out more information on Editing Price Lists here.

Uploading a Product List

Download Product List

  1. Go to Configuration > Account Settings > Product & Pricing
  2. Click on Download price list under More options at the bottom of the page.
  3. Open the excel file SumoQuotePriceList.

Edit Your Excel Product List

  1. Open the excel file SumoQuotePriceList that was downloaded to your computer.
  2. Click on Enable Editing at the top of the page.
    1. Edit Current product list information: Update the information in columns B through I for any current items. DO NOT make changes to the ID in column A.
    2. Add New product list items: Below your current items, begin adding information into columns B through I. SumoQuote will generate an ID when you upload the new information.
      1. When copy & pasting supplier information make sure it lines up with the SumoQuote template to prevent errors during upload.
  3. Save your Excel file to your computer.

NOTE on Adding Costs:

When adding material, labor, margin and price values, there are 2 ways to add these to prevent errors during upload:

  1. Add any of Material, Labor and Margin values. Leave Price blank.
    1. SumoQuote will calculate the price during the import.
  2. Add Margin and Price. Leave Material and Labor blank.


Do not make edits to column A.

Column A is the item ID that matches your product list item to the excel file and maintains any calculations that are associated with the product list item.

  • When updating a current item, do not delete.
  • When adding a new item, do not enter anything into this column. SumoQuote will generate this ID when you upload your file.

Upload An Excel Product List

  1. Go to Configuration > Account Settings > Products & Pricing
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Upload price list at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select your product list file from your computer or drag and drop it into the upload box.
  4. Your product list will take a few minutes to import depending on how many changes have been made.

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