Setup Levels Introduction

Quickly get setup and impress your customers right away, or level-up your setup for lightning-fast and accurate quoting. This guide will help you determine what level your SumoQuote account should be set up to.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Level 1 - Fastest Setup

Get Set Up in 1-2 Hours

"I want to use lump sum pricing with a beautiful proposal to close more business."

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Who It's For

Level 1 is the fastest way to get set up and start selling with SumoQuote. Create your first beautiful quote that will blow your customers away. Level 1 is great for businesses with simple pricing techniques or those that want to use an external tool for their pricing.

Setup Includes:

  • Lump-sum pricing
  • Manufacturer marketing pages
  • Personalized warranty and terms & conditions pages
  • Easy to sell upgrades

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If Level 1 is right for you, go to Level 1 Setup to get started.


Level 2 - Add Your Pricing to SumoQuote

Set Up in 2-4 Hours

"I have a price list for my business and I want to use that pricing in my quotes and invoices."


Level 2 is Recommended

Level 2 is easily upgraded to Level 3, and is the setup level we recommend to most companies.

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Who It's For

Level 2 takes advantage of SumoQuote's estimating features to get your quotes aligned with production & accounting, and will get you set up for accurate pricing and profitability. Level 2 is great for businesses that want a detailed pricelist inside of SumoQuote.

Setup Includes:

  • Line item based pricing
  • Custom or imported pricelist items
  • Multiple templates & layouts for quick quote creation
  • Ready for instant material & work orders
  • Includes signable customized text pages
  • Ready for QuickBooks

▶️Ready to Get Started?

If Level 2 is right for you, go to Level 2 Setup to get started.


Level 3 - Quotes Created in 60 Seconds

Set Up in 6+ Hours

"I want to accurately calculate pricing for my projects from measurements in seconds."

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Who It's For

Level 3 turns your sales process into a scalable machine. Set up sophisticated automated calculations which automatically integrate with measurement tools for hands-off accurate quoting. Level 3 is great for businesses which want to use SumoQuote to its full potential to automate their quoting.

Setup Includes:

  • Instant quotes with automated calculations
  • Integrate with measurement tools (Eagleview & RoofScope)
  • Turn measurements into accurate pricing
  • Add custom calculations to price list items
  • Set consistent pricing across your whole team
  • Adjust and control margins on every job


Ready to Get Started?

Level 3 builds on Level 2. Make sure you go through Level 2 Setup before starting Level 3 Setup.


Setup Level Comparison

This table gives an overview of which features will be usable on your account at each level of setup. Keep in mind that these are not the same as the features included with your SumoQuote plan.

Level 1Level 2Level 3
Set Up Time1-2 Hours2-4 Hours6+ Hours
Quoting StyleLump-SumLine ItemsLine Items
CRM Integration
CompanyCam Integration
Marketing Pages
Layouts with Upgrades and Terms & Conditions
QuickBooks Integration
Price List Items
Material Orders
Work Orders
Custom Calculations

What’s Next

Once you've chosen which setup level is right for you, it's time to get started with setting up your account!