Integrations are Optional

Integrations are not required to use SumoQuote. Connect the apps you already use.

Make your quotes more visual by integrating CompanyCam images into gorgeous SumoQuote presentations.

Order your aerial measurements from EagleView for the roofs and projects you’re working on to your SumoQuote to price your quotes in under 60 seconds.

Integrate your SumoQuote account with your Beacon Pro+ account to access live material pricing within SumoQuote and quickly generate and send Beacon ready orders.

Order and apply measurements to any quote seamlessly. Order property measurements for roofing, siding, gutters, painting, and more.

Skip double entry and sync customer data to SumoQuote. Instantly connect sent & signed SumoQuotes back to JobNimbus.

With our Leap integration you can skip double entry and sync customer data to SumoQuote. Instantly connect sent & signed SumoQuotes back to Leap.

Integrate your ROOFLINK account with SumoQuote to instantly create reports that include photos and measurements already uploaded. This direct integration pushes line-item pricing from signed quotes in SumoQuote to ROOFLINK allowing for faster material order creation within ROOFLINK.

Utilize the accuracy of your HOVER measurements in your SumoQuote reports. Instantly apply a HOVER report when you link a project to SumoQuote.

AccuLynx (via Zapier)
Using Zapier, you can automatically push projects that have reached a certain milestone in Acculynx into SumoQuote, speeding up your process by skipping the double-entry.

QuickBooks Online
Export your signed SumoQuote reports directly into QuickBooks Online.

Connect nearly any app with SumoQuote using Zapier. Create custom integrations, workflows, and automate your tech stack alongside thousands of supported apps.

Sunlight Financial
Integrate with Sunlight Financial to pre-qualify homeowners for financing and apply directly for financing through SumoQuote. Create quotes based on customized financing for your homeowners.

What’s Next

We will show you how to integrate the following programs with Sumoquote quickly and easily