Manage Seats

The Heavy plan includes 5 users or seats. This allows you to have 5 active team members on your account that you don't pay anything extra for!


You can add more seats on a Heavy plan!

Depending on your SumoQuote subscription, there will be an additional cost for adding users:

  • Monthly subscriptions are $40/additional seat per month.
  • Yearly subscriptions are $35/additional seat per month.
  • Light Plan subscriptions must upgrade to a Heavy plan to add more users.

Managing Your Account Seats

Add or Remove Seats

  1. Go to Configuration > Billing
  2. Click on Manage seats located under the number of seats you currently have in your account.
  3. Add or remove the number of seats you need for your account and the total amount owing will be calculated on the right.
  4. Click Confirm to complete the transaction.
    1. Your payment method on file will be charged immediately if you are adding seats and you can begin adding team members.
    2. You will be required to deactivate some users if you are removing seats and there are no empty seats available.