Level 3 - Quotes in 60 Seconds

Set Up in 6+ Hours

"I want to accurately calculate pricing for my projects from measurements in seconds."

Who It's For

Level 3 turns your sales process into a scalable machine. Set up sophisticated automated calculations which automatically integrate with measurement tools for hands-off accurate quoting. Level 3 is great for businesses which want to use SumoQuote to its full potential to automate their quoting.

Setup Includes:

  • Instant quotes with automated calculations
  • Integrate with measurement tools (Eagleview, RoofScope, Hover, or RoofLink)
  • Turn measurements into accurate pricing
  • Add custom calculations to price list items
  • Set consistent pricing across your whole team
  • Adjust and control margins on every job

Video Overview

Setup Checklist

To complete a Level 3 setup, check out the following sections in our Tutorial Videos. Be sure to watch all of the corresponding videos listed under each heading.

  1. Set your Company Branding.
  2. Set up any Integrations that you use.
  3. Create a layout and learn how to use them.
    1. For additional information on setting up particular pages within your layout, check out the following videos.
      Although these show how to create templates, you can set these pages up within your layout in the same way. The difference is that when you create them within a layout, you will save them as part of the layout and not as an individual template.
      1. Introduction Page
      2. Quote Details Page
      3. Authorization Page
  4. Explore the functionality of the Inspection Page.
  5. Learn more about adding and using Custom Pages.
  6. Learn how to set up and utilize your Product List and any additional Price Lists.
  7. Integrate your measurement tools and learn how to maximize your measurement tokens.
  8. Create custom calculations to generate quantities in your reports.
  9. Learn how to collect signatures using the eSigning feature.


You're Done

Level 3 setup is now complete. You're ready to start preparing quotes in 60 seconds using measurements & calculations!

Up your Layout and Report abilities by using Templates!

For users who want to go to the next level with their quote-building expertise, check out how to use Templates!

Optional Items

Find out more about the following features to use SumoQuote to its fullest potential:

  1. Material & Work Orders
  2. Margin Slider
  3. Taxes
  4. Invoicing
  5. Account Settings: notification rules, quote details page settings, project settings, etc.

Still Having Trouble?

Still having issues with getting your account set up? Contact support at [email protected] or phoning 509-213-0118.

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