Level 3 - Quotes in 60 Seconds

Set Up in 6+ Hours

"I want to accurately calculate pricing for my projects from measurements in seconds."

Level 3 turns your sales process into a scalable machine. Set up sophisticated automated calculations which automatically integrate with measurement tools for hands-off accurate quoting. Level 3 is great for businesses which want to use SumoQuote to its full potential to automate their quoting. For an overview of what's included at level 3, click here.


Start with Level 2

Level 3 builds on Level 2. Make sure you've gone through Level 2 Setup before starting Level 3.

Video Walkthrough

Setup Checklist

  1. Complete Level 2 Setup
  2. Set up Measurement Tokens (2:29 in video - may not be required)
  3. Set up Calculations (2:56 in video)

Optional Items

  1. Set up EagleView
  2. Set up RoofScope


You're Done

You're ready to start preparing quotes in 60 seconds using measurements & calculations.

Still Having Trouble?

Still having issues with getting your account set up? Book a one-on-one video call with your Customer Success Manager by contacting [email protected] or phoning 509-213-0118.