Measurements allow you to populate measurement tokens from an external measurement tool of your choice. If these measurements are connected to your product list with calculations added, auto-generated pricing will be enabled. These features are all part of Level 3 Setup.

Using Measurements in a Report

Add Measurements to a Project

  1. In any project, click Measurements in the top right corner of the project details home page.
  2. Add measurements from your measurement tool using the SumoQuote integration with that provider, or uploading a file.
  3. Click Apply on the measurement report you'd like to use.
  4. Navigate back to your project details home page and click on Create a new report or Create from layout.
    1. If a report already exists, you will be prompted to Review Changes and update your measurements.
  5. If calculations have been set up, pricing on the quote details page will calculate automatically.

Supported Tools

Direct Integration.csv File.json File.xml File
GAF QuickMeasure

What’s Next