Dashboard Tracking

Learn how to track your project revenue, wins, and losses on your Dashboard.

Tracking Revenue in the Dashboard

Turn on Dashboard Tracking

  1. Go to Configuration > Account Settings > Project Settings
  2. Under Project Revenue Settings toggle on Auto generate project revenue.


Revenue will be automatically added to the Dashboard when a quote is signed.

Change Your Project Revenue Dollar Value

  1. Open any project.
  2. Click on Project Settings in the top right corner.
  3. On the Project Details tab, enter a value under Project Revenue.
  4. This amount will be automatically added to the Project Details page (which shows all your reports and customer details), the Dashboard, and in the corner of each project on the Project Home page.

What is tracked in the Dashboard:

All projects with a revenue value will show up in your Dashboard. Only "Won" projects will automatically have a revenue generated, in the case of an "Open" or "Lost" project, the revenue needs to be manually updated (see instructions above).

  • Open Status
    • All projects are set as "open" when they are created.
    • To track an open project in the Dashboard, a minimum value of $1 must be entered into the Project Revenue.
  • Won Status
    • A won project is a project with a signed quote.
    • When enabled, won projects automatically generate a project revenue and are added to the Dashboard.
    • You can manually adjust your project revenue and choose to show a single quote revenue if there are multiple signed quotes within a project, or add a custom revenue.
  • Lost Status
    • A lost project is one that doesn't have a signed quote. This status must be manually set by the user.
    • A project revenue must be entered manually and must be a minimum of $1. Typically it is the estimated cost of the project.

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