Dashboard Tracking

Learn how to track your project revenue, wins, and losses on your Dashboard.

How to use Dashboard Tracking:

  1. Click on the “Configuration” tab.
  2. Click on “Account Settings”.
  3. Click on “Project Settings”.
  4. Turn on the "Auto-generate project revenue" toggle.
  5. When this is turned on, a signed project will automatically calculate the project revenue, and the project will automatically be set to “Won”. You must have a project set to “Won” and have a dollar value in the revenue section for that information to show up in your dashboard.


The quote must have a dollar value in the quote details section for the auto-generate to populate correctly, so make sure you have any value greater than $0 in your quote.


If the project is lost, you can manually set it to “Lost” and it will show up as “Lost” in the dashboard.