Add Team Members

Add a Team Member to your account:

  1. Go to Configuration > Team
  2. Click on Add User.
  3. Enter their details and select whether they are an Administrator or Normal User.
  4. Click Save and the user will be sent a verification email.

Other Actions under Team:

  1. Edit user details by clicking on the pencil icon beside the team member name.

  2. Change user status:

    1. Set users as Inactive by toggling them off. An inactive user will not occupy a paid seat and they will not be able to login to SumoQuote.
    2. Set users as Active by toggling them off. An active user will be able to login and will take up a paid seat.
  3. Send password reset emails to your team members.

    1. Click on the edit pencil icon for the user needing a password reset.
    2. Click on the Reset password button on the right side.
  4. Delete users using one of the methods below:

    1. Click on the red trash can beside the team member you wish to delete.
    2. Open the team member you wish to delete by clicking on the edit pencil icon, and click the Delete user button on the right side.


    This action cannot be undone by you!

    Contact [email protected] for assistance.