The profitability setting, when turned on, will show a Total Breakdown of your material, labor, COGS, and profit. This will show up at the bottom of your Quote Details page within a report. This is viewable only from within SumoQuote and will not be part of the report sent to your customer.

  • Material = the total of all price list items that include a material price or only list a total price.
  • Labor = the total of all price list items that include a labor price.
  • COGS = "Cost of Goods & Services" is the combined labor and material price.
  • Profit = the profit from your margin or mark up. Use the margin slider to increase or decrease this value.
  • Quote Total = includes any taxes applied.

*Material, Labor, COGS and Profit do not include tax.

Enabling Profitability

Enable Price Breakdown

  1. Go to Configuration > Account Settings > Products & Pricing
  2. Under the Profit Settings heading click on Edit.
  3. Turn the toggle on under Profitability to show the Total Breakdown on your quote details page.
  4. Click Save before leaving the page.


Designate your Costs as either Material or Labor

In order to accurately reflect your material and labor costs in the total breakdown, the costs entered into your price list items must be designated as either Material or Labor.

Bulk pricing (when a total price is entered in your price list item) will default to the "material" breakdown.

View Price Breakdown

  1. Open any project and open a report for editing.
  2. Navigate to the Quote Details page and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on the double down arrows to reveal the breakdown.
  4. Use the margin slider to increase or decrease your profit margin.
  5. Changes will be automatically saved.

What’s Next