Level 1 - Fastest Setup

Get Set Up in 1-2 Hours

"I want to use lump sum pricing with a beautiful proposal to close more business."

Level 1 is the fastest way to get set up and start selling with SumoQuote. Create your first beautiful quote that will blow your customers away. Level 1 is great for business with simple pricing techniques or those that want to use an external tool for their pricing. For an overview of what's included at level 1, click here.


Is Level 1 Right For You?

Users wanting to use their pricelist in SumoQuote should start with Level 2 Setup. For a comparison of what's included at each setup level, visit the Setup Introduction.

Video Walkthrough

Setup Checklist

For more information on topics in the walkthrough video, visit the linked guides.

  1. Set company branding. (0:24 in video)
  2. Set up Templates (1:39 in video)
  3. Set up Layouts. (6:25 in video)
  4. Creating your first quote. (11:02 in video)

Optional Items

  1. Set up any Integrations you use.


You're Done

You're ready to start creating your quotes in SumoQuote.

Still Having Trouble?

Still having issues with getting your account set up? Book a one-on-one video call with your Customer Success Manager by contacting [email protected] or phoning 509-213-0118.