Additional Signers

You can add up to 4 signers on a quote.

Adding Additional Signers

Each quote is automatically assigned a Primary Signer - this is the contact entered into the Customer Details. You will find this information on the Authorization Page of your report.

To add additional signers:

  1. Open any report for editing.
  2. Navigate to the Authorization Page, scroll down until you find Primary signer.
  3. Click Add signer.
  4. Enter the Name and email for the additional signer.
  5. Continue to click on Add signer to add the signers you need. There are a maximum of 4 signers that can be on a single quote.
  6. Changes are saved automatically.

Emailing Notifications for Additional Signers

The quote is always sent out in the order in which the signers are added. An additional signer will not receive any quote notifications until the previous signer has signed the quote.

The Primary Signer is the signer with the decision-making authority. This person will select the quote, the optional upgrades, and enter their product selections. Once they have signed, an email will be sent to the secondary signer letting them know they can now review the selections and sign the quote.

Signers two, three and four will be notified in succession after each previous signature is complete.

Once all signers have signed the report, everyone will receive a copy of the signed report, including the team member who originally sent the report for signing.

Signing Status of a Report

To check to see where the signing status lies on a report,

  1. Open the project in question and find the report that was send for signing.
  2. At the bottom of the report card will be a pencil icon showing the date the report was sent for signing and beside that will be the number of people who have signed out of the number who need to sign.
  3. Click on View details for more information.
  4. By clicking on Sign now, you will be signing as the person next on the list. Click Close to exit the pop up without signing.