Email Settings

Email settings manage the automatic emails sent from your SumoQuote account to customers, staff or suppliers/distributors.

Using your Email Settings

Change Email Settings

  1. Go to Configuration > Account Settings > Email Settings
  2. Click on Add CC address or Add BCC address to add team member email addresses to receive either
    1. All emails sent from SumoQuote, or
    2. Signed quotes only sent from SumoQuote.
  3. Scrolling down the page, under Email Templates there are a variety of emails sent from your SumoQuote account that can be edited and customized for your company.
  4. Under any of these templates, click Edit Template to modify the text and subject line.
  5. Click Save when you are finished.


Email settings will not notify your team about opens, clicks, and bounces.

These are considered Notifications and are sent only to the person who sends the quote.

For more information on managing your Notification settings check out our tutorial.

Email Templates found in Settings

When you CC or BCC a team member, these are the emails they will receive when All emails are selected:

  • Emails sent for signature (optional PDF attachment)
  • Emails sent for review (PDF attached)
  • Emails sent when signature request is canceled
  • Emails sent when the document is signed
  • Emails sent when the document is signed and includes direct financing
  • Emails sent with invoice (PDF attached)
  • Emails sent with order (PDF attached)