Solar System Overview Page

System Overview Page

This video reviews the new System Overview page that is specific to Solar projects. You will be shown how to set the page up and given an explanation of how that information is presented in PDF form to your customer.

How to Edit your System Overview Page

  1. Open a solar project.
  2. Open a solar report for editing.
  3. Navigate to the System Overview tab under Pages.
  4. The image and details listed below it are pulled in from the Solar Design tab. This information is generated through TrueDesign or through the information that was manually entered. To edit the image or information, go back to your Project Details Home page and click on your Solar Design tab.
  5. Customize the text in the text box beside the image with any information your customer needs to know about the design.
  6. The System Production information includes the bill information added in the Project Settings under Energy Data compared to the system just built.
  7. Scroll to the top of the page and click on View Page in the top right corner to review how your data will be shown to your customer.


For an explanation on what your customer will see when they view their quote, watch 1:05-1:45 in the video above.