Using Layouts

Use custom or pre-loaded layouts to create your reports.

Using Layouts to Create a Report

Create a Report from a Layout

  1. Open any project.
  2. On the project details home page, click on:
    1. + Create a new report to create a report using your default layout.
    2. or Create from Layout to select a layout to use for a report.
  3. If you chose to Create from Layout, you will be shown a list of your layouts. Select the layout you want to use and click on the green checkmark.
  4. Your layout will generate and you can continue to customize the report for you customer.

Customize Your Report

  • SumoQuote has already started to customize your report for you! You'll notice the title page and any tokens you used in your layout have the customer name and details populated.
  • Go through each page and edit sections that require customization for your customer such as the quote details page and authorization page.
  • Add any custom pages you wish and toggle on or off any pages you do not require.

Change Your Layout After Creating a Report

If you created a report with the wrong layout, you can easily change this.

  1. Open your report for editing.
  2. Click on Report Settings in the top right corner.
  3. Under the heading Layout, click on Choose a different layout.
  4. Select the layout you would prefer and click the green checkmark.
  5. Click Save in the bottom left corner.


Changing your layout cannot be undone!

When you change your layout, you will lose all of the edits you have already made to your current layout.

If you go ahead with changing your layout, you will be starting with a layout that has no customization. This action cannot be undone.

What’s Next