Product List

The Product List (default pricing) is the master list of all products in your account. A product cannot exist in a price list unless it exists in the product list first. Each SumoQuote account has a single product list.

Within the Product List you can add new items, or edit current items. The videos included in this section will show you how to add new items (including uploading them from other sources), edit items, and delete items.


The Product List and Price Lists are different!

This section of our support documentation will cover actions that you can complete within your Product List.

Find out more about creating, editing, and changing between Additional Price Lists here.

Overview of Product & Pricing Page

Navigating to the Products & Pricing Page

  1. Go to Configuration > Account Settings > Products & Pricing
  2. Click on the edit icon beside the Product List (default Pricing).
  3. Complete your intended action - add an item, search an item, edit an item.

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