Integrate your JobNimbus account with SumoQuote to access customer data within SumoQuote. JobNimbus is a contractor CRM and project management tool. Learn more about JobNimbus here.

Setting Up the JobNimbus Integration

Create an API Key in JobNimbus

Read these Instructions to find out more about the JobNimbus API Key or follow the steps below.

  1. In your JobNimbus account, go to Settings > API
  2. At the top of the page, click on New API Key.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and type in a name for your new API key and select Admin as the profile.
  4. Click Save and then beside the new API key that you made, click Copy.
  5. Head over to your SumoQuote account to enter the API Key.

Set Up the JobNimbus Integration with SumoQuote

  1. Go to Configuration > Integrations
  2. Click on the JobNimbus icon under Available apps.
  3. Click I have an API Key.
  4. Paste your API key from JobNimbus and click Submit.
  5. The JobNimbus integration button will now show up under Connected apps.

Using JobNimbus with SumoQuote

Create a Project from JobNimbus in SumoQuote

  1. From the project home page, click on Create new project and select the Link to JobNimbus job or contact option.
  2. Enter the homeowner's name or address into the search bar, and hit enter to complete your search.
  3. Select the homeowner's name from under either Job or Contact to link your project to their contact information.
  4. All customer details will be pulled from JobNimbus into your project.

What this integration tracks:

  1. All emails sent from SumoQuote to this contact will be tracked in the activity feed section of JobNimbus.
  2. Both sent and signed quotes will be tracked in the documents section of JobNimbus for that contact.
    1. Signed quotes are automatically sent back to JobNimbus, but there is also the option to manually push a report to JobNimbus. Click on the three vertical dots on the report box on the project details page to reveal a drop down menu. Click on Save to JobNimbus to push your report manually back to your CRM.
  3. If a callback reminder is set in the Project Settings, JobNimbus will send email reminders about this callback to you.
  4. Access photos from JobNimbus and insert them into the Title page or Inspection page of your SumoQuote report.


Contact information updated in JobNimbus after a project has been created in SumoQuote, will not be automatically updated in your SumoQuote project.

Updates to phone number, email address, and home address will need to be independently updated in the SumoQuote project.

Using JobNimbus with SumoQuote and QuickBooks Online

The video below, courtesy of JobNimbus, gives an overview of how SumoQuote, JobNimbus, and Quickbooks online work together.