Refer Solar Leads to Primitive Power

Get Paid to Refer Solar Leads

Primitive Power sells solar projects to homeowners nationwide. After selling a solar project, they work with a network of solar installers nationwide to complete the installation. By referring your customers who are interested in solar, you can earn cash on each sold job. Primitive Power has helped over 2500 homeowners get solar installed.

On average, Primitive Power partners earn $1,600 per installed solar job. Referring leads is fast and easy – Primitive Power will guide you through the whole process.

Apply to Become a Partner with Primitive Power

  1. Apply
    Complete the short application form - Click Here to Apply to Be a Lead Partner
  2. Book a Discovery Meeting
    Keep an eye out for a text and/or email from Primitive Power to connect and setup a discovery call.
  3. Attend Discovery Meeting
    A 30-minute discover meeting will include the following:
    • Review and sign Partner Agreement
    • Set up account to receive referral earnings
    • Coordinate/schedule a recurring monthly meeting to review performance
    • Provide training materials, if needed
  4. Receive Your Links
    A follow up email will be sent to you containing:
    • A copy of the signed agreement
    • Link for submitting solar referrals
    • Contact information for questions or support
    • A dashboard link for Primitive Power that allows you to see the status of referrals and earnings

Primitive Power Availability (US)

State (A-M)State (N-W)
ArkansasNew Hampshire
CaliforniaNew Jersey
ColoradoNew Mexico
ConnecticutLong Island, New York
DelawareNorth Carolina
District of ColumbiaOhio
IllinoisRhode Island
IowaSouth Carolina

Note: Within any state, there may be zip codes and areas that are excluded from the referral program because they fall outside of the install coverage zones.