Quote Details Page

Edit Your Quote Details Template:

  1. Open any quote on your projects page. Ensure there is a quote present within the report.
  2. Click "Open for Editing".
  3. Click on the Quote Details page on the left.
  4. Choose a sample template as a nice starting point.
  5. You will see multiple tabs at the top of the quote page. Each of these tabs is a separate quote.

You will notice several line items below. These are the quote line items visible to your customer.

  • These are the items that you will have already updated in your Pricelist.
  1. Click the "Add Item" to create a new line item.
  2. Start typing your item in the box.
  3. If the item you are looking for shows up in the dropdown, select it and it will link to your pricelist.
  • If the item already exists in your pricelist it will show up in the dropdown menu.
  • If the item does not exist in your pricelist you can just type it out and it will save to this template.
  1. Once you have completed your Quote Details template click "save template" found at the bottom of the screen.

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