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Thanks to the team at ROOFLINK for providing videos for this page.

For additional assistance for working in ROOFLINK and sending information between programs, please email [email protected].

Setting Up the ROOFLINK Integration

In this video, Jesse from ROOFLINK goes over the process of setting up ROOFLINK to work seamlessly with your SumoQuote account.

Set Up the ROOFLINK Integration with SumoQuote

  1. In separate tabs in your web browser, log in to your ROOFLINK and SumoQuote accounts.
    1. Click on the profile emoji in the top right corner.
    2. Select Profile & Settings.
    3. In the Personal Settings, click on the Integrate SumoQuote option.
    4. Click on Connect SumoQuote and it will automatically connect.
    5. A checkmark will show up indicating that the integration is complete.


If you are not logged in to SumoQuote, you will be prompted to enter your login credentials to complete the integration.

Using ROOFLINK with SumoQuote

In this video, Jesse from ROOFLINK will cover:

  • How to prepare an inspection in ROOFLINK so it is ready to be sent to SumoQuote to create a project; and
  • What happens in ROOFLINK once a quote is signed in SumoQuote.